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Title: Well....
Post by: janina on August 28, 2014, 08:48:12 AM
Sad to see this place has been completely abandoned. Not much point in me talking to myself so I haven't posted updates here recently, although I'm thinking perhaps I should, just in case. I'm a bit upset that apparently people these days seem to have forgotten that there is more to the internet than just the Facebook app on their phones. Anything that doesn't send you alerts via an iPone app every ten minutes is just no longer relevant, it seems.

Just this morning I was trying to find a link to a bunch of press photos that someone had posted two years ago, because I forgot to download them back then. The person had originally tweeted the link and there's no chance I'd ever find a tweet from two years ago now and I thought I'd just lost the link forever. But? A good old message board is your friend when you're searching for old information. Of course I found it on here.

Just a thought on how short lived conversations on social networks are. I hope everyone's doing well, and maybe one day people will remember how much fun forums used to be, and come back here.

Feel free to reply to the topic and leave your feedback :)
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: Annie on August 28, 2014, 11:47:50 AM
Hello Janina ,

happy to read your mail
thank you
the same for me.... sad to see  french s forum abandoned also
only two  keep to post !
it seems  we are  the last dinosaures  :lol: to post news about RONAN
its right...... as you say .... that a good old message board is your friend
 when you're searching for old information.

amitiƩs from France
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: aimzta85 on August 28, 2014, 12:15:23 PM
I totally agree Janina. It's so much nicer to have a place we can chat and share news about Ronan without having to limit ourselves to 140 characters or whatever. It seems people are more interested in trying to get noticed by Ronan on Twitter these days. I,  for one, would be totally lost without a message board or website to catch up on things with. I work in a busy retail store and I'm unable to access the Internet for 8-9 hours a day and without places like this I will miss out on all of the news that's happened during the day.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've tried to get people back onto this site. It's like talking to a brick wall. Like you've said to me before,  people claim to be his biggest fan but when it comes to actually helping out its another story!

Please don't give up on the updates. You've worked too hard over the years and,  I'm not just saying this because you're my friend, RK News is,  and has been for a while,  the best fansite out there!  You've  worked too hard on it over all of the years I've known you. Just sad we seem to have lost touch with it all. 
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: Laalaa66 on August 28, 2014, 05:32:45 PM
Hello, I didn't knew something about message-boards. Anyway. I live in Germany and sorry for my English - is not so good. I only use Facebook for playing games like Bubble and to get informations I am interested in. Twitter I don't understand.
This way to send messages is of course personaly to write. But I wunder that you have time enough to read all messages, because you have so much to do, because you are so popular and have sure much to do every day.

I don't like Facebook, because you get seldom Feedback and it's complicate to use for me. There was a good social network by Yahoo it calls Yahoo!Clever. But today it's not the same and I left it.

This message-board is of course very good for true friends of Ronan. But I don't know, if I am a realy friend... But I want to say You I love the songs of Boyzone and Ronan.

Facebook is suspicious for me, because I think they collected only informations about people and it is boring and to much advertising too.

So have a good day.... and many luck and succces of your Future...
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: priscilla on August 28, 2014, 09:56:52 PM
Hi Janina, I saw your mail today as well. I used to still check the board every now and then, but indeed as no one is posting it's no use talking to yourself. I also agree with Amy. I think I belong to the 1% of people that isn't attached to their phone all day. But it's nice to hear from you again.
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: janina on September 04, 2014, 10:17:40 AM
So good to hear from you all. See? It's still so easy to get a conversation going if people just bother to post. Please come back often. It does upset me to see how dead this place has become and I guess most other people would have taken it offline long ago, but I can't throw away the eight years since we set the forum up. Still, I pay money every month for hosting/webspace, and I'd really like that to be worth it. Before you say "here's never any new posts to read" - just go and create some! It doesn't have to be 'news' all the time. But I don't want this to be a place where I create all the new topics and then one or two people reply saying "thanks". That's boring.

It's difficult because I can't ignore the fact that there's a lot of people on Facebook/Twitter and these networks are great promo tools. With a Facebook post, I can reach a few thousand people within hours. If I post the same content on here, the topic will get no more than a dozen hits or two over a couple of weeks. So if I want to promote Ronan, I've got to be where all these people are (BUT I can still be here at the same time). I still hate social networks because basically all content you create is only relevant for a few days and then no one will ever look at it again. Such a waste. How pointless is it that people use apps that tell them what was on their Twitter timeline a year ago, just because Twitter's crappy user interface makes it practically impossible to go back and find out by yourself?

Also, it's always good to talk to people here who are actually still able to read and understand a text longer than 140 characters. Society is doomed :roll:
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: janina on September 04, 2014, 10:27:22 AM
This message-board is of course very good for true friends of Ronan. But I don't know, if I am a realy friend...

Hello :D You are very welcome to our community. We're all just plain normal fans, so of course you can talk to us and find new friends :)

The only thing Facebook wants is your personal data, and as much of it as possible. People share their entire lives on Facebook and then complain about governments and corporations spying on them. Get real! :confused:
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: priscilla on September 04, 2014, 09:57:04 PM
It's nice to see some activity on here as well. And indeed it is sad that everyone is only interested in facebook and no one cares about message boards anymore. We used to have such a good laugh.
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: janina on September 30, 2014, 08:02:35 AM
So, how else can we drag people away from Facebook's evil powers for ten minutes per day?
Title: Re: Well....
Post by: priscilla on September 30, 2014, 09:14:03 PM
I really don't know. After only a few posts it gets quiet on here again.  :(