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 on: October 14, 2013, 09:55:23 PM 
Started by xVicLovesMickx - Last post by xVicLovesMickx
It only took us around quarter of an hour to get home, the traffic in the city was light at night. Soph knew me well enough not to push. She knew I'd talk to to her when I was ready. The only trouble was, as we sat down at the kitchen table I wasn't sure I'd ever be ready.

She stared at me in silence, I knew she was concerned, but I couldn't say anything to make her less so. She sighed, opened a bottle of wine and poured us each a glass. By the time I was ready to speak we'd almost finished the bottle between us.

“I think Dan’s jealous of Ronan” It came out as a pathetic whisper.
“What? But that’s crazy you’ve only just met him!”
“I know but…”

I told Sophie the abbreviated version of events, conveniently leaving out the parts about Dan, I couldn’t deal with sympathy - it was my own stupid fault anyway.

“It’s so stupid” I said. “Ronan invited me for a drink tomorrow night.”
“Wow! Aren’t you pleased?”
“Of course I was….but I can’t go now can I?”
“Of course you can, don’t be stupid, look if you’re worried about what Dan will say I’ll cover for you”.

More like might Dan would do I thought to myself.

“It’s not as if anything’s going to happen is it”
“Huh, I wish!” I smiled properly at last.
“Mr. Keating could have any girl in the world, he’s not gonna want a skinny welsh girl is he?”
We both laughed at this.

We called it a night not long after, but I knew I wouldn't sleep. My head full of troubled with thoughts of Dan and Ronan. I was in tremendous pain as well, which didn't help. My lower body was hurting like hell, the CIA wall was evidently rock hard! I mused that the pain was probably numbed somewhat by the alcohol as well, I was probably going to be black and blue in the morning.

My phone kept vibrating its way along the bedside cabinet. It had been ringing persistently since Dan had finished work, but I ignored it, I couldn’t speak to him, I wasn’t ready. He’d left about a million messages on my answer phone, the first few angry, then unreservedly apologetic, I ended up deleting the lot as there were so many. I just couldn’t think why this had happened though, he was never normally an angry person and we never fought.

I finally turned my phone off at about 3am I was sick of it flashing with missed calls and voicemail alerts. I turned over and saw the small piece of paper on the bedside cabinet, oh well a least I had a souvenir of Ronan’s time in Cardiff. I couldn’t go out with him tomorrow it was too risky. But then again? Who was I kidding this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’d call him as soon as I got up, I mean it’s not everyday that a girl like me gets asked out for a drink by a gorgeous international singing star.

When my alarm went off at 6am I felt like I’d had about two hours sleep, which realistically was probably the truth, I also felt like I‘d done ten rounds with mike Tyson, I was finding it difficult to put weight on my left leg, but took some strong painkillers and soldiered on. I dragged my aching body into the shower, I dried myself off as I was looking in my wardrobe for something to wear, then I saw the dress hanging from the doorframe where I’d left it last night and remembered Ronan’s words. Mmm well I couldn’t wear it to work, then I really would look like a hooker, I’d have to take it and change later. I almost changed my mind, but then reminded myself what an idiot Dan had been last night.

I arrived into work early, picked up my mobile and dialled the number that I had saved earlier.

Ring ring, ring ring

“Hello?” said a sleepy male voice at the other end.
“Ooh sorry did I wake you up?”
“Yeah, you said to call you”
“Jesus woman I didn’t mean in the middle of the night!”
“Ronan! It’s almost nine o' clock” I laughed, “some of us have work to do”
“Is it alright to call you that?”
“You just did!”
“I meant…”
“No it’s fine honest, you wanted to ask me something?”
“Oh yeah, would you like to go out with me for a drink tonight?”
“I think, that would be lovely”
“What sort of time?”
“Um, well I finish work at half five”
“Ok, how about I pick you up at about half six? I’ve got some interviews to do, but should be done by then”
“Hey, you don’t have to pick me up!”
“No but I want to”
“Oh ok then, come round the back, I’ll get Brian to let you in so you don’t have a million people following you” and I’ll just hope and pray that Dan’s not at work today, I added silently.
“No not really I guess!”
“What car you driving?”
“Silver BMW, why? Does that determine if you come out with me or not?” he asked with a hint of mischief in his voice.
“No you silly sod, I need to let Brian know so he can let you in with as minimum effort as possible!”
“Hey!” he said pretending to be offended,.
“Nobody’s ever called me a silly sod before”
“Ha ha! Well then today’s your lucky day”
“And Brian? Is he the guy I was talking to yesterday?”
“Oh yeah” I cringed.
“He told me all about you”
“Yeah it was all very complimentary”
“Good or I’d have given him a slap!” Ronan laughed at this.
“Look Ronan I’ve got to go now”
“Aw do you have to? Now that you’ve woken me up!”
“Yes! I’ve got about a million things to do before the end of the day!”
“Now no sulking please, I’ve really got to go, I’ll…see you later”

That sounded so weird.

“Yeah see you later hon”

Hon? I put the phone down reluctantly.

“Vic, what are you grinning at?” Julie made me jump as she came into the office.
“Er, nothing” I lied.

I found it very hard to concentrate on work for the rest of the day, I went out again a lunchtime.  “I’m not sure he’s working today, but if you see Dan, can you tell him I’m not here?” I asked Julie.
“Sure, have you two fallen out again?”
“Something like that” I said trying not to cry as I walked out the door.

Ring Ring, Ring Ring.

My phone started ringing, it was him, well thought I still didn’t want to speak to him yet, I’d not made up my mind was I was going to do. I had thought about finishing with him, but he was so lovely nearly all of the time, last night was so out of character, but…I did fell uneasy at the idea of staying with him, but we’d been through so much together in such a short space of time, I couldn’t just leave him, could I?

 on: October 12, 2013, 11:20:42 PM 
Started by janina - Last post by janina
Knew I could :-* I'll be in touch xx

 on: October 12, 2013, 04:46:51 PM 
Started by janina - Last post by aimzta85
Well you know I'm always up for helping out where Mr. K is concerned so you can definitely count on me hun x

 on: October 07, 2013, 02:31:15 PM 
Started by janina - Last post by janina
I've been thinking about this for a long time and I'm about to set something up now because I think that calls for action on Twitter are often overlooked and most people don't pay attention. I'd like those of us who want to do a bit of extra work to be able to communicate more directly and effectively. This is only for those who are extra committed... which means that if you join, you'll be expected to help out. If you're not willing to help, no problem - simply don't join.

How would it work? Probably via a mailing list so you'd get all the details straight in your inbox.

How much of your time would it require? No more than 10 minutes per week normally. Sometimes less, sometimes maybe a bit more.

What's the reward? Generally, knowing that you've just helped your favourite artist gain some more attention. I might be able to give away the odd freebie from time to time. It's all completely unofficial though.

If you're interested, reply here or drop me a private message. Feedback is welcome too.

 on: September 26, 2013, 08:34:13 PM 
Started by cindy - Last post by aimzta85
Lol I do the same!

I love Filey.  There's not really a lot to do but it's so quiet and the people are really friendly and polite which is so different to the people where I live. It's the place I wish I was when I'm feeling down. I just imagine I'm sat  overlooking the bay with the sound of the sea in the background. It's very relaxing.

 on: September 24, 2013, 09:25:42 AM 
Started by cindy - Last post by janina
Never heard of Filey Bay but just had a quick look at Google Maps and it looks great :) Yes, I'm the kind of person that checks everything out on Street View  :redface: Glad you had a great time! x

 on: September 17, 2013, 11:48:40 PM 
Started by cindy - Last post by aimzta85
I just got back yesterday from 10 days on the East Coast. We mainly stayed in a holiday park overlooking Filey Bay (which is my favourite view in the whole of the UK) but went to a couple more seaside towns (Scarborough and Bridlington). It's nothing flash but it's a family tradition and we go there every year. It's the place I feel happiest and the most relaxed. It went far too quickly for my liking though  :(

 on: September 17, 2013, 05:14:40 PM 
Started by cindy - Last post by janina
OK so who's been away recently? I just returned from a week in Marseille, which is a magnificent city... and I will sort some photos out.

 on: September 13, 2013, 10:19:26 PM 
Started by OliviaPN - Last post by xVicLovesMickx
Hi Olivia, where in CA are you from? I love that country so much! X

 on: September 13, 2013, 10:18:04 PM 
Started by janina - Last post by xVicLovesMickx
Been cleaning up my hard drive and I came across this little gem again. So beautiful. Incredible vocals.
Definitely one of my favourites. I love his voice.

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